Hedge Cutting and Tree Trimming Services in Calgary

Hedge Cutting

The team at Lawnfather has always cleared up the mess, swept pavements and driveways as needed and properly disposed of the hedge trimmings in a way that is environmentally friendly.

We offer hedge trimming Calgary services which can be scheduled as often as you require for keeping your hedge in great condition throughout the year. We recommend homeowners to have their hedges and bushes trimmed at least once or twice a year, depending on the kind of hedge.

Our team is more than happy to work under your direction and will always strive to complete a job based on your unique requirements. Well maintained hedges, trees and shrubs will significantly enhance the overall appearance of your property. The Lawnfather is one of the leading lawn care companies Calgary providing a full hedge cutting and pruning service throughout the year.

Most common species of hedges that we deal with include Beech, Box, Hornbeam, Privet, Cherry laurel, Yew, Leyllandii, Holly, Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Berberis.

If you want your hedges trimmed, shaped, maintained or refurbished, our team of skilled hedge trimmers can instantly give your garden a whole new look by pruning your hedges to look just like the way you want them to.

We also renovate trees! From shaping and reducing to felling and dead-wooding, an experienced and skilled service is provided by us.

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Hedges need maintenance too…

Hedges are great for providing rich color and backdrop to your garden, as well as screening against strong winds. But like other plants, they can also quickly grow, and lose their size and shape. Unfortunately, our busy lives do not allow many of us to devote much time to our gardens. There’s nothing more unsightly than a ragged hedge. Regular hedge cutting by lawn maintenance Calgary services is important for managing the hedge and making sure it grows as intended.

The Lawnfather has been taking care of the hedges of our clients throughout Calgary for many years. We ensure to leave your hedges looking beautiful and well-maintained while leaving the site clean and tidy.

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