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Lawn Aeration Calgary

    Everyone recognizes the signs of a freshly aerated lawn. Small, consistent plugs of soil can be seen at turf level, often exposing the various layers of soil below. Aerating a lawn has many benefits, such as:
  • Relieving soil compaction
  • Managing thatch
  • Improving penetration of water, air & nutrients into the soil
  • Stimulating root growth
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What is Aeration?

Aeration is the perforation of the soil with small holes to let water, air and nutrients to enter the grass roots. This allows the roots grow deeply and produce a healthy, stronger lawn.

The primary reason for aerating is to lessen soil compaction. Compacted soils contain too many solid particles which do not allow proper circulation of water, air and nutrients within the soil.

Timing for Lawn Aeration

When it comes to lawn aeration, timing is everything. And the most crucial factor in determining the right timing for lawn aeration is the climate and geographical area of your lawn.

Cool season turf

  • Fall is considered as the most appropriate time of year
  • Lawn aerations should be completed in late fall to let for recovery before dormancy
  • Aerations may also be performed during spring lawn maintenance
  • Core aeration may impact the efficiency of pre-emergence herbicides
  • Do not aerate lawn during the summer heat or winter chill

Warm season turf

  • The warmer months are great after spring green-up and before fall transition
  • Do not aerate lawn during spring or winter dormancy

We work wonders on your lawn

Lawn aeration on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do for your lawn.

Our special lawn care products include high quality grass seeds and professional-grade fertilizers; we have a lawn service team that contains highly trained, industry-certified individuals. Enjoy a lush, greener lawn that The Lawnfather can deliver.

Prices differ depending on the services required, complexity of service and size of lot.

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