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Power raking Calgary involves physically eliminating the thatch from a lawn. Thatch contains a closely intermingled layer of leaves, stems and grass roots, which collects between the vegetation and the soil. A high amount of thatch increases the turf’s vulnerability to diseases, minimizes its tolerance to drought, heat, and cold; and limits the penetration of water, air and nutrients into the soil. In serious cases roots of the grass will fail to grow into the soil but actually take root in the thatch layer making the turf vulnerable to drought and heat stress.

You can determine whether or not your lawn requires dethatching by untangling the grass until the dirt becomes visible. If more than 3/4 of an inch of thatch is visible between the soil and the blade of the grass you may need power raking Calgary.

One of the best ways to repair a thatch problem is by physically removing the thatch layer or power raking the lawn. Power raking must be done before the lawn greens up in order to prevent major damage. If you discover a severe thatch layer after the lawn has greened-up then the thatch should be controlled by increasing the microbial activity and/or minimizing the growth rate of the turf.

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Thatch Preventative Practices

Mowing – Make sure not to cut more than 1/3 of the blade of grass. Mulching does not improve the ability to build thatch. Keep the mowing height 2.5 inches in the spring and fall and keep the height 3 inches in the summer.

Fertilizing – Quick release nitrogen applications will decrease the thatch decomposition and increase the thatch production rates.

Irrigation – Avoid moderate and frequent watering, instead irrigate the turf thoroughly and infrequently. This allows the roots of the grass to grow deeper into the soil rather than the thatch layer.

Pesticide – Pesticides negatively impact beneficial microorganism and earthworm populations. Avoid pesticides unless they are absolutely necessary.

Power Raking Calgary Season

Spring & Fall

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