Affordable Residential & Commercial Snow Removal Services in Calgary

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As the seasons change, so do our services. At The Lawnfather, we provide a wide range of commercial and residential snow removal services in Calgary. Our services are designed to meet the demands of both high traffic office and even the smallest residential sidewalks. Our snow removal contractors are always ready for whatever Mother Nature brings us during the winter months.

At The Lawnfather, we are very serious and passionate about our snow removal services. We use the high performance snow removal equipments. We believe that snow removal is more than just a way to keep yourself busy during the winter. Our professionals guide people about how to successfully deal with snow. Customer centric approach, quality, reliability and prices are the cornerstone of our success.

Winter Services Include

  • Snow removal ( flat rate per month for unlimited removals , snow only) – starting at $ 160 per month
  • One time snow removal ( snow only) – starting at $ 50
  • Ice melt ( applied as needed with snow removal package) – * add-on for only $3 per kg
  • One time ice removal – starting at $50
  • One time snow and ice removal ( snow, ice and icemelt application) – starting at $70
Snow Removal

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We have more than 10 years of experience in serving local businesses and residences with efficient snow removal services.

Fast Response

Fast Response

No matter what the weather, we have the right personnel and latest equipment to ensure we reach you at promised time.



When we clear the snow, we sure remember to ensure environment safety. We will not degrade or harm the surroundings.

Prices vary based on services required, difficulty of service and size of lot.

Residential Snow Removal

Our residential snow removal services in Calgary include snow removal from driveway, sidewalks and walkway to the front door. We can also apply a premium ice melt product to your concrete for an additional charge. This solution is safer for concrete and vegetation. Call our contractors today and forget about waking up early in the freezing cold to shovel your driveway before work.

  • Complete Residential Snow & Ice Maintenance
  • Morning Snow Clearing & Daytime Snow Clearing
  • Guaranteed Morning Arrival Times
  • Emergency Daytime Response
  • Freezing Event Service Guaranteed
  • Multiple Visits for Impactful Storms
  • Flat-Rate and Seasonal Pricing
  • Unlimited Snowfall & Freezing Event Coverage
  • Automatic Deicing Visits For Ice Storms, Freezing Rain
  • Absolutely All-Inclusive with No Hidden Fees
residential Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal

Our commercial snow removal services are tailored to best meet your specific property needs. As soon as snow starts falling, our snow removal contractors Calgary will meet all your snow removal requirements. We provide our top-notch services for office parks, health clinics, shopping malls, banks, movie theaters, etc. We are committed to delivering the best service every time.

Are you facing sub-standard snow plowing services despite paying high charges? At Lawn Father, we know that some snow contractors promise more and deliver less.

  • Guaranteed Unlimited Visits
  • Full-Range Commercial Snow & Ice Maintenance
  • Morning Snow Clearing & Daytime Snow Clearing
  • Freezing Event Service Guaranteed
  • Flat-Rate Seasonal Pricing
  • Fastest Service Times
  • Eco-Friendly Deicing Included

Our commercial snow removal services are anything but common. We know that clearing snow is crucial in winters. Hence, no compromises and fast response is the hallmark of our services.

Equipment and Safety

All of our snow removal equipments are top of the line and are always kept in perfect running order. Our trucks are always equipped with the best equipments available. Our snow technicians in Calgary are trained to ensure premium quality results. We stock extensive supplies of all our deicing products from rock salt to numerous deicers to make sure we never have a shortage.

Safety is paramount, when we operate exclusively during extreme climatic conditions. Safety education is both respected and practiced by our professionals. ALL of our plow trucks and skid loaders have flashing strobe lights to make sure we are being noticed, even in low visibility conditions. We provide safety guidance to both our technicians and customers as per their specific requirements. When we are here, you shouldn’t have to worry about clearing your driveways and sidewalks of snow every day. Just make a call to us and we will take care of all your snow removal needs in Calgary.

Equipment and Safety
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