Sod Installation Service in Calgary

Sod Installation Calgary

Have your lawn got more weeds and dirt patches than grass? If so, then it’s time to consult sodding service experts in Calgary.

At The Lawnfather, our experts are committed to making your Lawn green and beautiful. We will get you the perfect, emerald green Lawn that will make your neighbors GREEN with envy.

The Lawnfather provides quality and professional sod installation services to homeowners, building contractors across Calgary. We strive to install high quality, farm fresh sod in the most professional and efficient manner.


Our Calgary sod installers will carefully analyze your Lawn to determine which course of action will be best for it. Our lawn care services include removal of the old sod and weeds or roto-tiling of the existing sod into the soil. The process relies on the amount of grass present on the property. Our contractors will bring the best quality soil to fill any low spots and balance the entire surface. Our high quality sod will ensure that you have an exceptional looking lawn for years to come.


The next step is very important as it is to compact the soil with a lawn roller. Compacting the soil will allow you to easily walk over the lawn without leaving any footprint impressions. Once the entire area is graded and compacted, now it’s time to feed the area with lawn starter fertilizer so that the sod root system can get settled easily.


Now the third and final step is to lay down the finest high quality sod to enhance the overall look of your place. Our professionals will arrange the edges of the farm fresh sod in a brick pattern, this is necessary to avoid one long seam and then, the lawn will be compressed with the help of a sod roller. Soon after a section of newly installed sod is put down, we will start watering the sod immediately. This is necessary to prevent the sod installation from drying out. It will also provide a good chance to the sod to develop itself quickly and efficiently.

Professional Sodding Service Contractors

The Lawnfather strives to take care of your lawn in every phase of the sod installation process. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality, farm fresh sod that enhances the beauty of your lawn. We would be more than happy to be your professional sodding service contractor in Calgary for your next process.
The Lawnfather is all about, professional, fast and friendly sod installation services in Calgary. Book your FREE ESTIMATE today.